"If you want to make a difference in the
world, the single most important thing you can
do is consciously and deliberately choose to
do work that you are passionate about.


After 15 years of designing logos, branding, websites, online games and viral marketing campaigns for high profile clients , I decided that I only wanted to continue working in the field as long as I felt that I was working within this simple philosophy: I want to be part of a solution, and not the problem.

Sometimes work I have done in the past was for large companies that seemed to put profit before ethics, and I see a very real opportunity in the world for change right now. It's a turbulent time but it's also brimming with potential for us to recreate our world as a place that promotes win/win solutions, rather than the age-old "dog-eat-dog" competition-based paradigm.

Because of this simple philosophy, we especially love projects and clients that are in some way contributing to the benefit of humanity.